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When I first walked into a film editing booth some thirty years ago, I was just totally awestruck. The "cutting room" as we used to call it was dimly lit to say the least. There was a lamp attached to the film editing bench, a lamp on the assistant editors bench and that was it. Crammed inside this room, not much bigger than a bathroom and toilet combined, was the Editor sitting at this machine that was just a series of cogs and wheels with a small screen about the size of your standard computer monitor. They called it a "flatbed". Seated behind that was the director and in turn behind him was the Assistant Editor standing at his bench busily sticking the film offcuts back together, in case the editor wanted to look at them again. A rubbish bin full of empty pizza boxes, beer cans and emptied ashtrays left over from the previous nights marathon session sat in the corner. That was my first job as trainee, emptying the garbage bin.

I have since progressed from just taking out the garbage, but what struck me back then was the precision that was involved in producing a film, in this case we were working on a TV commercial series for Logan Units, anyone who watched TV around that time would be familiar with the term "Just like the old Logan Unit". I heard it over and over again at least a hundred times that day and even more in the days that followed. These guys left no stone unturned, I was amazed at the difference one frame made to an edit, by changing the order of things a totally different story could be told, this was where it all happened, the engine room of any film production and I was part of it. If the jigsaw puzzle they were working on wasn't creating the effect they were expecting, they just kept plugging away, altering and trimming until they were happy with the final product.

Thirty years down the track things are completely different, we work with digital technology now and the days of smokey cutting rooms are long gone. One thing that never changes though is the precision and tenacity required to ensure that the final product is the best it can be, leaving no stone unturned. It is this work ethic that I learned from the old school, that stays with me today, no matter what the project. Be it Photography, Videography, Web Design or Artwork design. It is this EXPERIENCE that stays with me today, knowing what works, what the general public likes and giving them what they want. Knowing what appeals and why.

When you buy or breed your Cutting horse you look for the proven bloodlines. Then when it comes to training your horse you go to proven trainers. The same consideration needs to be made if you are looking for someone to produce your next video or DVD production.

My credentials are an open book. I have been actively involved with the film and television industry since 1979. I cut my teeth in the advertising world assisting on major TV commercials for clients such as Coca Cola and Kellogs to name a few. By choice I served a long apprenticeship as an Assistant in order to work and learn from the best Editors, Directors, Producers and Technicians in the country. To cut a long story short, if you wish to take a closer look at my experience, you can download and read my CV here.

Anyone can go out and buy video equipment these days then start off a video production company, but NO ONE can buy experience. You earn it. You gain it. Being involved with photographing the sport of Cutting since 2002 and subsequently Videography and Web Design, I am more than familiar with the audience and what appeals. I know the market.

The Video content below contain some examples of what can be acheived on a budget. If you are looking for something more elaborate, I can take care of your whole production, from organising script writing to Voice Over direction and recording, and sourcing music that can be legally used in your production. So please do not hesitate to contact me for a discussion and a quote. My services are open to Breeders, sellers and trainers alike.

Produced for Trinity Ranch to promote Desires Blue Trinity in the 2017 Landmark Classic Sale.
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Post produced for TRINITY RANCH for their NCHA Futurity promotion.

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Post produced for SDM Quarter Horses for their website advertising.

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Take a DVD to your next Horse Sale or post on-line.

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Post produced for SDM Quarter Horses for their website advertising.

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To contact me you can phone (02) 66 793 652. or email


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